Saturday, May 21, 2011


persoalan yg sek ku tepk kat dlm kepale otak ni...


wat pe?
wat dose je..dah la kene pegang2 laki pompuan...eiii.....dosa dowh...

korang : darurat.,,nak wat cam ne?
aku:      darurat kepale otak...x langsung klo lelaki je yg pompuan kene g skali..

klo korang tegok kat luar negara yang wat cam PLKN ni ...laki je yg pi..PEREMPUAN x rak K......

ok...tolong la pham martabat seorang pompuan tu tinggi tau..bukan nyer rendah sampai senang je nk kene pegang2....

ku siyus x stuju Perempuan g skali PLKN...korang rase?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

bior bENoR!!!!1

NI lg 1 kesah yg agak menyakitkan ati ku yg dh tersedia sakit...

pasal racist sgt bebudak chinese kat UM nie????
korang: x bek ooo..
aku: pe lak...dyorg yg mula dlu..
         ngengada sgt...rasict giler..aku ok bile org dh start ku jd myamph...
         siyus r...klo korang,,,korang rasa pe????
        dyorg igt dyorg je ke kt UM ni...
korang: relax r bro....
aku:   korng x tau dowh...
            siyus sakit ati klo korang yg kene..
          deke sesenag ati je tambah special sem jd 4 bulan...giler ke pe???
          dah nama special sem...1 bulan stgah ckp r...tau r dyorg ni 'suke ' sgt blajar..pikir r org len...
          tension ku...
          mane nak carik bajet 4 bulan lg ni...
          jpa mne kasi time special sem...
korang: weh agak2 sbb kot dyorg wat tuh..
aku:  sbb pe ??mai habaq la ni jugak...
        klo tkot lupe sbb lps tuh da cuti 2 bulan...x leh ke mntak buat special sem lmbt sket..
        plek r dyorg nie..
        pastuh nk  ssh kan ku...
        klo dyorg nak gler blajar...SILAKAN..
         ku dah x larat dah...
korang: tp x confirm lg kan???
aku:  mmg la blom, tp klo dah g tau kat prof, n prof mggalakkan lg...n nak tlg bg jadik 4 bulan pe cite?
         dah la x bncg pa pe ngan bebudak malay lgsong!!!
           pe masalah dyorg nih!!!!
korang: ala relax r...ko kan kata idup ni kene relax jer...
aku:   korg nak kenekan ku ek???

so...kesimpulannye..ku pon x tau jd ke x bende nih...

klo jd....siyus aku SAKIT HATI GILER ngan dyorg...



Monday, February 21, 2011



terkejut x???
              x terkejut????
x terkejut suda..(len kali buat2 la terkejut...)

bukan nye ape...tetiba ikut cara Eric wat SURPRISE...
sbb nye...dh lama x update blog...
so kira SURPRISE la kan..

dlm sem baru dah x dudok kolej 2 UM yg ada pengetua baru...
pengetua nih cerewet banyak...

jadi bermulalah kisah dimana diriku menjadi suri rumah yg berjaya disamping berulang alik ke U...setiap pagi...

siyus letih...
     mana x nyer...
balik klas ....smpai je kat umah trus wat keje...
letih....baru ku pham pa prasaan  ISTERI yg berkeje...
cian kat dyeorg....
                so.,...SI SUAMI jgn ngengada x nak tlg bile dah balik umah...
                        korang leh ke wat bende yg sama cam ISTERI korg wat???
(ter EMO lak sbb da pgalaman...)


Saturday, January 8, 2011


This are the fact’s that men should encounter if they really need a women beside them. These are the fact’s against the MEN’S RULE . And most IMPORTANT is that all the fact’s are IMPORTANT!!!

Men’s rule
Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us bitching about you leaving it down.
Women Fact’s
Hey guy’s, this is just a small problem. If you MEN’S out there can’t tolerate with your love one with this kind of problems just beat it.  And if you bitching us about this kind of problem, learn the facts that you are not mature enough to have women beside you.
Men’s rule
Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see if we can find the perfect present yet again!
Women Fact’s
It’s not that you guys can’t find the perfect present yet, it just you guys are stingy. Yeah that’s right! The fact’s is , even if you guy’s picks a flower from the street as a present, believe it or not we will accept it as long as you are sincere.
Men’s rule
Sometimes we are not thinking about you. Live with it.
Women Fact’s
We have a lot in mind. You are only 10% of it.
Men’s rule
Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.
Women Fact’s
Shopping is a passion. Yeah, you got that one wrong.
Men’s rule
Crying is blackmail.
Women Fact’s
Crying is the way we express our strength. Not like you guy’s, fight like a maniac.
Men’s rule
Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints don’t do it! Obvious hints don't do it also!!
Women Fact’s
If we ask for what we want that shows we don’t have manner. The fact of the hint is to find out whether you understand us or not. If not we are not compatible together.
Men’s rule
We don’t remember dates. Mark birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Remind us frequently beforehand.
Women Fact’s
Hey, you remember your  birthday, ID, phone number right? It’s not like you have brain problem don’t you?
Men’s rule
Most guys own three pairs of shoes - tops. What makes you think we’d be any good at choosing which pair, out of thirty, would look good with your dress?
Women Fact’s
Surprisingly you can wear same thing over and over in a week. Don’t tell me same goes to your underwear….???
Men’s rule
Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
Women Fact’s
This shows how lazy you are to answer questions.
Men’s rule
Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That’s what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.
Women Fact’s
We don’t want your sympathy, we just want you to comfort us. That’s all.
Men’s rule
A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.
 Women Fact’s
A headache that come from you. How can we see doctor for that reason???
Men’s rule
Check your oil! Please.
Women Fact’s 
Like we are the only one with oil problem.
Men’s rule
Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.
Women Fact’s
Yeah, that’s what you think. Don’t you even thought it may hurt our feeling.
 Men’s rule
If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us. We refuse to answer.
Women Fact’s
 We don’t mind if you say we are fat. Just say the truth so that we realize that we should limit our meals. If you refuse to answer means that you didn’t notice about our changes.
Men rule
If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.
Women Fact’s
So you think you are the only one who hate hint. Obviously you did to. Just say something that only can be interpreted one way.
Men’s rule 
You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.
 Women Fact’s
We just want to know the other point of view of something. Two heads is better than one right?
Men’s rule
Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.
 Women Fact’s
Are we only worth like a commercials? In this way, you guys show us how selfish you.
Men’s rule
Christopher Columbus did not need directions, and neither do we.
Women Fact’s
 Christopher Columbus was a navigator, an explorer. And you are?
Men’s rule
The relationship is never going to be like it was the first two months we were going out. Get over it and quit whining to your girlfriends.
 Women Fact’s
That show how fast your love to us is fading. Yeah, it’s true that men are not loyal.
Men’s rule
ALL men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a colour. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.
 Women Fact’s
God create eyes that can see thousands of colours not just 16. Can’t you be more appreciable? And for your information, mauve is pale lavender-lilac color.
Men’s rule
If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.
Women Fact’s
 Hey, have some manners.
Men’s rule
We are not mind readers and we never will be. Our lack of mind-reading ability is not proof of how little we care about you.
 Women Fact’s
We are not mind reader to but how we can we know what you want or what you’ve been thinking? If you really care someone you just know.
Men’s rule
If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," we will act like nothing’s wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.
 Women Fact’s
Can’t you guys be a gentlemen for once? If we say like that, means that we just want you to comfort us. There’s no need to hassle about.
Men’s rule
If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear.
 Women Fact’s
We may ask that kind of question when we are confuse. In that case you should be more positive.
Men’s rule
When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really.
 Women Fact’s
Of course you want your girl to be pretty right?
Men’s rule
Don’t ask us what we’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as navel lint, the offside rule, investments or cars.
 Women Fact’s
You think you are the only one who know about that.
Men’s rule
You have enough clothes.
 Women Fact’s
We can’t live buy rotating the same clothes in a week.
Men’s rule
You have too many shoes.
Women Fact’s
 Pretty shoes bring us to a good place.
Men’s rule
Foreign films are best left to foreigners. (Unless it’s Bruce Lee or some war flick where it doesn’t really matter what the hell they’re saying anyway.)
 Women Fact’s
It’s time for you to change.
Men’s rule
I’m in shape. ROUND is a shape.
Women Fact’s
Yeah, you are the only one that can be round. We are the one who have to keep SLIM.
Thank you for reading this. Women and men are different in every way. Just be thankful on what you have.